Soft Seating


Plaza is a sofa system which, thanks to its shapes, creates a new architecture in waiting areas , create an intimate and confidential environment. Thanks to the modularity of its elements are possible to realize combinations of all size, moreover, each module is easily removable and repositionable in other environments.
The structure has chrome plated or white legs with adjustable feet. The panels are soundproof. The closure panel allows you to connect two Plaza  couches, in order to create a private and elegant conversation area. Upholstered with the same materials and finishes available for the back of the Loft couches, the closure panel can be equipped with a flip-open table. The table is equipped with a power outlet, a metal leg and can be easily removed. Plaza  is easily customizable and you can choose from a wide range of accessories. The trapezoidal cushion supports the arms and the back, ensuring high levels of comfort. The multi-socket is embedded in the front and is extremely easy to use, thanks to the elegant sliding panel it is concealed behind. The flip-open table features a plug and makes Plaza even more versatile.