Sonesta Chairs & Stools

Sonesta  is the collection of Area International    where indoor and outdoor meet. A session by double nature, soft but strict, with a typical home but perfect for contract.
The thin structure in steel tube supports a simple and lightweight silhouette. A metal frame with generous proportions is braided with polypropylene straps that favor the reflection of light and tone-on-tone shades.
The single-color or two-color combinations between the body and stem provide flexibility for customization.
Sonesta is a collection of stackable chairs, light and functional: in addition to the chair with frame with 4 legs are also available the chair and stool.
The gradations proposals are the result of careful research. In addition to white and black,   Area International offers a choice of hot and textural tones like brown, gray, copper and beige to favor the perfect blend with the environment and the proper placement in the interior